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Napoli in Almere haven

Nunzio Talks Freely

On this Page I will talk freely of issue's that some of you have & what i want to say....

if you are unhappy of what i am writing then please don't read it,

I have my right of freedom of speech,

IN NO WAY to insult / down grade anyone

  • To the Lady on Facebook it was brought to my attention that a lady wrote some things about me, saying she hates me, let her dog urinate on the pizza oven outside  and some other things.. Well all i will say is I forgive you !!! and what ever did i do to YOU.. We are all on this planet, and people like you that write things out of hate are just sad, I just feel sorry for you.. of course out of respect will not say who you are but i do see YOU..
  • Hear alot Pizza's cost more !! let me please give you some information that you may / not know before i took over Pulcinella.. The pizza weight was 200 / 220 grams, and size 32/33cm using a standard cheese also the tomato sauce was a standard product, since September when I took over weight is now 255 / 260 correct Neapolitan weight, size is 32/33cm and I use real MOZZARELLA cheese on the pizza's, and an medium high end tomato sauce. I do fully understand if you eat something that for years not been correctly made to AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana), then people think that's how it should be..Please remember many Pizza styles eg New York, Roman, Chicago fitting to your perference, but being born in NAPOLI home of the TRUE first pizza, i do have it in my DNA. All I am trying to do is give you a product that is as close as possible to the real tastes of Napoli & Italy. 
  • Sad  Being an honest person, it hurt's what people have written in reviews, and insulting to the old staff Mitchell-Koen-Daan, Luca told me he had same problems when he took over even that he was doing most of the cooking.. Its a small group but if the other Guest that have ejoyed their visit would take the time to also write a review then that would be great.
  • Way come to an Italian Restaurant ? Why do people goto restaurants, to eat food that is different to everyday routine. We Italy do not eat french fries / mayo in the same way as in Holland.. but yet people expect that, enjoy for the Italian way & region of where the food is coming from.
  • Name Change.  Nunzio Pulcinella is two brand names put together, I am very honoured that guest from my old restaurant come to Almere so i may still cook for them. Also to respect the name Pulcinella for those of you that have eten over the past years.
  • New Owner this, New Owner that !! This is from the hardcore group who feels they need to insult me & my family, spreading lies and not even trying MY cooking (when you pick one of my dishes, i step into the kichen to make it), at present i am training the older staff how to cook my style, so no matter who is in the kitchen the food is the same. For those hardcore you are welcome to try MY cooking and if you are still not happy then write your A4.
  • Same Kichen Staff !! The Kitchen Staff are the same (Apart from 1) so Mitchell, Koen, Daan they still cook your food, when you pick one of my dishes then i step into the kitchen to prepare it
  • Menu Card that is truly OUT-DATED Menu Card as not changed much in 40 years, 80% with cream dishes which is not Italian style of cooking. I change my card every 3 months depening on the season, so on your next visit you have something new to try. But I still respect the older Menu & you still will find dishes of the past times.
  • Why sell a TOP 10 Italian Restaurant in Amsterdam.. Question you should asking "why sell an top 10 Italian restaurant" and move it to Almere.. so small group would insult My family & myself.. If i knew this before, i would have never sold my restaurant in Amsterdam.